A Few Reminders


Preparing club dues defaulters list  is an on going process.Please clear your club dues at your earliest to avoid embarrassement.


Members are requested to restrict themselves to bringing upto 5 guests at a time.If members are bringing more than 5 guests at a time they should inform the club so that a suitable place can be reserved for their party.Members are requested to ensure that they enter the required details of their guests in the guest’s register at the time of entering the club.A point to note is that a particular guest can be allowed in the club only twice a month.Members have to pay applicable fees for their ladies guests also.


Members are requested to inscribe their signatures, name and membership numbers on credit vouchers legibly.


Kurta-Payjama & Chappals-Shorts are not part of the Club Dress Code.


There is ample parking space in the Club premesis.Members are requested to park their vehicles in orderly fashion.


All dependants must get their Identity Cards issued from the Club and must carry them with them when they are in the Club and produce them if requested by the Club staff. They are not allowed to bring guests to the Club.They are not permitted in the Bar or the Card Room.Dependants below 18 yrs are not allowed to consume liquor on Club premises.Dependants above 25 yrs who are married and gainfully employed are not allowed to use the Club facilities as dependants.Dependants below 12 yrs are not permitted to stay in the Club premises after 9 pm in summer and 8.30 pm in winters.


All members should have membership card issued from the Club and should carry it with them to the Club and produce it if requested by the club staff.


Members should maintain decorum at all times when they are in the Club.


Members are requested to keep their phones on silent mode when they are in the Club house and only talk on their phones outside the club house.


The government authorities have declared the Club as a SILENT ZONE round the clock.Hence music can not be played on the Club premesis.

Members can place order for dinner for up to 5 persons till 9 pm subject to avilability of food from ready to serve menu.For more than 5 persons dinner should be booked latest upto 5 pm ( Sunday to Friday).On saturdays Club dinners are held for which bookings will be taken upto 5 pm on Saturdays.


Club will be closed for the day at midnight.Members are requested to finish their drinks and dinners by 11 pm and leave the Club by 11.30 pm.A bell will be sounded at 11 pm to remind all present of the closing time.All cases of non-compliance of these Club rules will be brought to the notice of the Governing Body.


As per the Exise Rules  occasional Licence from the Exise Department and NOC from the Club is required to consume liquor not bought from the Club Bar on the Club premesis.


The Club has 5 well furnished guest rooms with AC,  TV and phone for bookings for Members and guests at currently applicable charges.Members are required to fill out Booking form available in Club office.


The North East Lawn can be booked both by members and their guests by paying applicable charges to the Club.

The East Lawn of the Club is only meant for the use of the Club members ONLY.If found to be otherwise the applicable charges for the NORTH EAST LAWN  for member’s guest will be debited to the account of the member concerned.

Honorary Secretary